Saturday 24th March 2018

Compare     Brian Halliwell

10:30   Mike Oram  

Talk on a look back at flying saucer revue over the last 50 years

11:45   BREAK  15 mins:

12:00   Dex Dobey  

Can you change the world? This world about you ,me our mind          emotional and bodily operating systems, internal pharmaceutical          created software that can create miracles or long term illness.

1:00 to 2:00   LUNCH

2:00    Mark Olly

Talk on the Green Man and how it is rooted in ancient history.

3:15    BREAK  15 mins:

3:30    Alan Godfrey

An ex policeman from Todmorden will talk about his abduction/UFO experience that occurred in 1980 while a member of the force, how it affected his life, also his book he wrote on the incidence which is available to buy on the day.

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