Jean and Sam Wright


Began Probe over 30 years ago after being members of Lapis for several years they created Probe an organisation that covers all subjects’ UFO and Paranormal from UFO’s Psychic Pneumonia, Crop Circles, Conspiracies. You name it we cover it.


We now hold conferences in * St Annes * twice a year generally in

March and Sept/October.


The conferences last for a weekend covering 2 days of informative information covering a variety of subjects that are of interest to many.


Over the years Probe as gained an ardent following of people that come back time and time again and never miss a conference. This covers all ages and over time the regular members have become like one big family who meet up twice a year to listen to the speakers that probe brings to the forefront.

Without probe many people would still be in the dark regarding UFO’s and other Paranormal subjects and through Probe have awakened to many aspects of these subjects they otherwise would have not known about.

Jean Wright sadly passed away in 2011 but their work continues through her husband Sam Wright. Sam continues to keep Probe going in her memory.


Both Jean and Sam have created a legacy that will live on lasting forever in people’s minds.

Through Probe many people have come together and become good friends that meet up time after time.


All this was made possible because of two people who made it possible for like-minded people to come together as one and share what they have experienced with others.


Probe has brought together speakers from UK America and overseas who have come to Probe and brought with them their truth and knowledge. 

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